All of the luncheon classes feature hands-on participation, sit down enjoyment of our fabulous cooking, un po di vino, and recipe cards for you to take home.

Classes start at 10:00 and usually end around 1:00 (if we don't talk too much!).

To book a class all you need is a minimum of six students. (Toni is a great cook, an amazing hostess, but she does not hold an MBA.) Choose one from the selections below, pick a date, and contact Toni. $80 per person.

Spuntini and Dolce-Little bites with a sweet ending. Lo spuntino is Italy's version of the small plate. You will learn how to make a meal of these spuntini featuring radicchio and prosciutto, grilled eggplant with goat cheese, and sage roasted chicken. We'll finish lunch with a sweet bite. Torta della Stagione, seasonal fruit torte.

Dalla Dispensa-From the pantry. Have you ever wondered how some cooks can put together a great, quick meal with seemingly little to no notice at all? The secret is in the well-stocked larder. You'll learn how to make a versatile fresh herb vinaigrette that doubles as a marinade or dipping sauce, a dried porcini mushroom sauce perfect for pasta or risotto, crispy tuna cakes, and always the crowd pleaser, zabaglione perfetta.

Gnocchi 101-Pillows from heaven. If you don't love gnocchi you've never had a good one. You'll learn how to make the classic tender potato dumpling and spinach and sweet potato variations. All three gnocchi will feature a complimentary sauce: Bolognese, fresh tomato, and gorgonzola cream with crispy fried sage. After you have a belly full of gnocchi you may want to take the biscottini per la strada-cookie for the road.